my new music. this one here is called “LIT”

its what I describe as a vibey laid back turn up song… which is kind of an oxymoron but it makes sense when you listen. recorded this joint at Brewery Studio with the homie Parker. It’s produced by Franko Rossi (@_Frankintin).

really wanna do a video to it but i don’t think i can afford the crazy vision i have.

much love. reblog!



My bro’s new video ‘EARLY.’ Make sure ya’ll press play on this one. Shout out Serg for directing this.

"Was really excited about piecing this together. This is one of my favorite songs I’ve written in some time; and without a doubt this video makes me happy too. I originally wrote something a little longer, but it deleted. So, to keep it short, this one is for the FEELS and for my homie who just told me "LIFE IS NOW" in all caps. Shout out to Vivian for being really awesome. I OD appreciate it. Sorry for almost knocking you with that pillow haha. All love. As always shout out to my family SFTTM. I love creating with you guys. I learn from y’all every day. Alright, I’m done.

Hope everyone enjoys! - July Quin.

Directed by Serg
Stream/Download ‘Early’ here for free - |